Amy Gillard Photography | About
Hi! I'm Amy Gillard, a Philadelphia Area Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Family Portraiture. I began studying and creating art at a young age, and I have studied at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. I have spent the last 21 years exploring classes in ceramics, metalsmithing, drawing, and of course, photography! Learning and expanding my talents is a lifelong pursuit.

I feel my true calling lies in photography. Growing up in a large family (the youngest of 36 grandchildren!) is the basis for my passion to capture the lives of families and the relationships they share. The common threads that tie us together, the shared histories, and the moments that shape who we are as people fascinate me. I focus on portraying families as they are today, transitioning from couples to parents, the wonder and joy of change, or adding another new addition to growing families. My images are real, intimate and unposed. They document a moment in time, how you feel, how you look, where you are right now, and the emotions that are expressed in those fragile days of life that will quickly pass by.

My one piece of advice to my clients: Get in the picture! I preach a love and acceptance of self, especially for mothers who are self-conscious and are reluctant to have their pictures taken. Seeing yourself in an intimate and emotionally charged image is the best way to give a new mom’s fragile ego a boost in the right direction. Get in the picture and I promise you won’t regret it!