No Matter How Cold the Winter, There's a Springtime Ahead {Broomall Lifetyle Family}

March 20, 2014  •  3 Comments

Have you ever met someone that it just clicked?  You know what I mean, you just get each other?  I was lucky enough to meet Michelle a few years ago, a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing.  She's an ah-may-zing photographer and person.  I was so excited to have met a friend that I can talk to about photography ad-nauseum without their eyes glazing over and begging me to stop!  Bonus: She's pretty awesome and her daughter is the same age as mine!  We both love taking insane classes on photography, sewing (yeah, that one didn't really work out, but... we tried!) and we're always looking to inspire each other.  When she asked me to do a lifestyle session for her and her family I was at the same time excited, intimidated, scared, humbled and thrilled!  Michelle's husband Rob is a very gifted musician and he was happy to get his guitar and play for his new son.  And big sister! You should see her art work.  So much genius in one family. You can check out Michelle's photography at (serious talent there! Can you imagine why I was nervous!) and here's our session together.  I could not wait to get to her house and share a session with someone that was really into trying new things and going with a vision.  I am such a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in my life.  It makes the first day of Spring seem all that much sweeter.     <3



Mandy Fridirici(non-registered)
Such beautiful pictures. Love the one with his little tongue sticking out!
Amy Gillard Photography
Thank you for your kind words! You are so sweet!
Catherine Patat(non-registered)
These are beyond brilliant shots :)
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